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Department of Energy and NERSA policy documents that give guidance on electricity pricing.

NERSA Consultation Paper Small-Scale Embedded Generation Regulatory Rules

Based on NERSA research and analysis, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) has a bigger demand in South Africa at the moment than other technologies. This has necessitated NERSA to focus on all small-scale embedded PV generation. An urgent and proper Regulatory rules for small-scale embedded PV generation is recommended and a two-phase approach for the introduction of

Municipal Tariff Guideline Increase, Benchmarks and Proposed Timelines for Municipal Tariff Approval Process for the 2018/19 Financial Year

The municipal tariff guideline increase is developed based on Eskom’s approved bulk price increase of electricity to municipalities and the increase on the municipalities’ cost structures. Benchmarks are developed, based on five tariff categories and the corresponding average consumption levels, in order to ensure that tariffs across municipalities are not vastly different.

South African Distribution Code Tariff Code Version 6.0 2014

This code sets out the objectives for pricing and tariff structures for distribution retail and network services. The NERSA shall regulate the setting of prices and the structure of tariffs for all distribution related services.

Electricity Pricing Policy (EPP)

Electricity Pricing Policy (EPP) of the South African Electricity Supply Industry (Department of Minerals and Energy, 2008)