About the Small-scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) Municipality Resource Portal

Energy security concerns, rising electricity prices, the emergence of low-cost renewable energy technologies and the growth of distributed generators have resulted in a range of challenges for utilities, including municipal distributors. Considering these dynamics, municipalities are compelled to re-define their role in the electricity value chain and adapt their funding and operating models. The South African – German Energy Programme (SAGEN) is a partnership between GIZ, the Department of Mineral Resources Energy (DMRE) and the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) to provide technical support to municipalities on aspects of this transition.

Sustainable Energy Africa NPC (SEA) is an implementing partner on the SAGEN programme and are focusing on the safe integration of Small-Scale Embedded Generators (SSEG) into municipal infrastructure as well as the development of sustainable business models for municipal utilities.

This resource portal forms part of the technical support to municipalities in developing SSEG processes to safely accommodate SSEG onto municipal grids.