Training Videos

Introduction to Solar PV SSEG in South African Municipalities (20 minute documentary)

SUMMARY: Intro to Solar PV SSEG in SA Municipalities (5 minutes)

Municipal SSEG Success Stories

Grid Impact Studies for Solar PV SSEG

Bi-directional Metering for SSEG

SSEG Commissioning

How to set Solar PV / SSEG Tariffs

Click here for SSEG Tariff Quiz

This is a quiz to test your understanding of the basic concepts of SSEG Tariffs, as explained in the video.

Key Learnings:

-What SSEG is, and why there is a need to set fair SSEG Tariffs

-The three components of a basic SSEG Tariff: fixed charge (R/month), energy charge (c/kWh), export tariff (c/kWh)

-Ballpark figures for these tariffs, based on other municipal approaches